Fight for double chance rages on

by Nathan Dole

AT seven rounds to go in the regular season, the fight for the double chance in the Bendigo Bank Bendigo Football Netball League’s senior finals rages on.

League action resumes this Saturday after the general bye as Golden Square, third, takes on the ladder-leading Strathfieldsaye at Fur Life Vet Oval in Golden Square’s Wade Street.

The Bulldogs have worked hard to achieve a win-loss record of 9-2, but are just a win clear of Eaglehawk, fourth.

Golden Square heads to Eaglehawk for the round 15 clash on August 3.

A tough run to September for the blue and gold includes matches at Maryborough and Gisborne, and also against fierce rival Sandhurst on the Bulldogs’ turf.

Back-to-back defeats to Golden Square and Gisborne had Eaglehawk under enormous pressure.

The Hawks are on a four-game winning streak, which includes ending Strathfieldsaye’s unbeaten run when the Borough scored a 98-80 victory at Canterbury Park in the 10th round.

Toughest assignments for the Two Blues in the run to September will be the clashes with Square (home) and Gisborne (away) in rounds 15 and 16.

Sandhurst is likely to stay fifth, but has a team capable of doing some damage in the run to and then in the finals.

In a season where injuries have hurt, Sandhurst’s best result was a 66-65 victory against Golden Square in round seven at Queen Elizabeth Oval.

Strathfieldsaye Storm has a 10-1 record and is the premiership favourite.

A win clear of the second-placed Gisborne, Storm is likely to stay top of the ladder throughout the rest of the regular season.

Biggest tests for Storm will be at Golden Square, and then home to Gisborne in consecutive weeks.

A great run by Gisborne includes some high scores, and also brilliant defensive efforts to keep Castlemaine and Kyneton goalless in the round 10 and 11 contests.

Plays at Strathfieldsaye on July 20 and will be primed for finals after it meets Eaglehawk at Gardiner Reserve, Sandhurst on the QEO, and Golden Square at home in the last three rounds of the regular season.

A 5-6 result is Maryborough’s best in many seasons.

The Magpies may have a say in the final order of the five as they play Sandhurst, Golden Square and Gisborne in consecutive weeks at Barkers Oval in Maryborough’s Princes Park.

Kyneton, South Bendigo and Kangaroo Flat will be desperate to add to their wins tally, and Castlemaine just as hungry to avoid a winless season.


1st, 10-1, 263 per cent, 40 points.

Leading goals – 80 Lachlan Sharp, 18 Fergus Payne, 16 Hugh Robertson, 12 Bailey Henderson, 12 Josh Martyn, 11 Josh Formosa, 10 Sam Heavyside.

Season stars – Lachlan Sharp, Sam Heavyside, Josh Formosa, Bryce Curnow, Kallen Geary, Hugh Robertson.

Run – Golden Square (a), Gisborne (h), Kyneton (a), Kangaroo Flat (h), Castlemaine (a), South Bendigo (a), Maryborough (h).


2nd, 9-2, 228, 36.

Leading goals – 58 Pat McKenna, 23 Jack Scanlon, 12 Jake Conolan, 11 Brad Bernacki,

Season stars – Pat McKenna, Josh Grabham, Ethan Minns, Matt Goodyear, Brad Bernacki, Tim Walsh.

Run – Kangaroo Flat (h), Strathfieldsaye(a), South Bendigo (h), Maryborough (a), Eaglehawk (h), Sandhurst (a), Golden Square (h).

Golden Square

3rd, 9-2, 183, 36.

Leading goals – 23 Alex Marklew, 21 Jayden Burke, 19 Adam Baird, 12 Liam Barrett, 11 Hamish Morcom, .10 Sam Brinsmead.

Season stars – Adam Baird, Jon Coe, Liam Barrett, Jake Thrum, Matt Compston, Alex Marklew.

Run – Strathfieldsaye (h), South Bendigo (a), Maryborough (a), Eaglehawk (a), Sandhurst (h), Castlemaine (h), Gisborne (a).


4th, 8-3, 160, 32.

Leading goals  31 Sean Williams, 19 Riley Saunders, 15 Sam Harper, 14 Gedd Hommelhoff, 13 Shaun Knott, 13 Ben McPhee, 13 Jarryd Pertzel.

Season stars – Cam McGlashan, Ben McPhee, Brodie Collins, Dillon Williams, Jesse Collins, Ryan Gillingham.

Run – Maryborough (h), Castlemaine (a), Sandhurst (a), Golden Square (h), Gisborne (a), Kyneton (h), Kangaroo Flat (a).


5th, 7-4, 140, 28.

Run – South Bendigo (h), Maryborough (a), Eaglehawk (h), Castlemaine (h), Golden Square (a), Gisborne (h),  Kyneton (a).

Leading goals – 27 Matt Thornton, 19 Jake McLean, 10 Nick Stagg.

Season stars – Jake Pallpratt, Nick Stagg, Chris Down, Josh Hann, Jake McLean, Zac Pallpratt.


6th, 5-6, 73, 20.

Run – Eaglehawk (a), Sandhurst (h), Golden Square (h), Gisborne (h), Kyneton (a), Kangaroo Flat (h),

Leading goals – 21 Matt Bilton, 20 Stewart Crameri, 16 Jayden Templeton, 12 Jordan Fraser, 11 Jayden Hooper.

Season stars – Matt Bilton, Lachlan Butler, Daniel Vadala, Jayden Hooper, Bodie Malone, Coby Perry.


7th, 3-8, 53, 12.

Leading goals – 12 Patrick McCarthy, 11 Luke Beattie, 10 Max O’Sullivan, 10 Nathan Thompson.

Season stars – Rhys Magin, Josh Govan, Harrison Huntley, Ben Xiriha, Darcy Harris, Hamish Govan.

Run – Castlemaine (h), Kangaroo Flat (a), Strathfieldsaye (h), South Bendigo (a), Maryborough (h), Eaglehawk (a), Sandhurst (h).

South Bendigo

8th, 2-9, 69, 8.

Leading goals – 39 Kaiden Antonowicz, 14 Brock Harvey.

Season stars – Brody Haddow, Tom Brereton, Nathan Horbury, Callum Crisp, Kaiden Antonowicz, Brady Childs.

Run – Sandhurst (a), Golden Square (h), Gisborne (a), Kyneton (h), Kangaroo Flat (a), Strathfieldsaye (h), Castlemaine (a).

Kangaroo Flat

9th, 2-9, 51, 8.

Season stars – Jono Lanyon, Liam Collins, Hayden Pyke, Nick Lang, Corey Greer, Brodie Fry.

Run – Gisborne (a), Kyneton (h), Castlemaine (a), Strathfieldsaye (a), South Bendigo (h), Maryborough (a), Eaglehawk (h).

Leading goals – 14 Dylan Klemm, 13 Matt Boland, 10 Lloyd Needs.


10th, 0-11, 24, 0.

Leading goals – 18 Angus Monfries.

Season stars – Matt Filo, Angus Monfries, Jake O’Brien, Sam Simpson, Dylan Atkins, Anthony Robins, Robins.

Run – Kyneton (a), Eaglehawk (h), Kangaroo Flat (h), Sandhurst (a), Strathfieldsaye (h), Golden Square (a), South Bendigo (h), Strathfieldsaye (a).

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